Since 2005 I am a painter of fine art.

My strength is the composition of colours, which are neither pale nor dull,   but mainly primary and secondary, intense and dreamy. They generate an image of complementary shapes which move in colours and can chang


Colors are my theme.



My inspiration are the wild and vibrant colours of the south, mainly Latin America, where I travelled extensively.



Feelings and emotions are my motivation. Each picture expresses emotion, if only for a moment or those deep feelings that shape our lives and give it a direction.


In a time of pure rationality, like the produce of a dairy cow, which is being brandes with the stamp of our economy every single moment. My art confronts you with its unchangeable nature. That which is not easily influenced by your senses, the feeling.


I'll take you through my powerful, soulful images and also let you come in close contact with your heart.


What I often notice on my exhibitions is that while you encounter my art, a kind of contact is taking place... positive as well as negative. Some people stand before my art getting lost in them over many hours... Others revisit my exhibitions daily.


Some of my art, when rotated in different directions, revile wonderful perceivable pictures with different themes.


I am not amongst one of the painters with a recognizable particular style ... I do not like to paint hearts in dozens of different colors, that is not my Intension. I am versatile, and so is my mind .


I leave you with a view of my art with space for your interpretation.